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Sustainable Development             Exposed

Local Governments for Sustainability


 ICLEI has apparently scrubbed the list of members. It can be viewed in an archived listing at

 Ohio cities include Akron, Alliance, Athens, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Oberlin and Youngstown.


ICLEI was involved in the writing of Agenda 21 at the Rio Conference in 1992, particularly Chapter 28 Local Authorities' Initiatives in Support of Agenda 21 The chapter can be found at


Perhaps the best way to learn about ICLEI is to review their published comments and documents. There are numerous web sites and videos available for you find additional information. There is no doubt about their intentions to facilitate implmentation of Agenda 21.


The Local Agenda Planning Guide, 167 pages that can be viewed online at:



From the preface to the guide:

The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide has been prepared to assist local governments and their local partners to learn and undertake the challenging task of sustainable development planning. This planning approach is a fundamental first step that will enable them to provide the residents of their communities with basic human needs, rights, and economic opportunities, and at the same time ensure a vital, healthy, natural environment; in other words, a planning approach that will enable them to manage their cities, towns, and/or rural settlements in a sustainable way. The Guide offers tested and practical advice on how local governments can implement the United Nations' Agenda 21 action plan for sustainable development and the related United Nations' Habitat Agenda.


Another document from ICLEI is Preparing for Tomorrow-Strategy 2012 – 2018

20 Pages can be viewed online at:



Under heading of Responding to Change:

"Therefore, experts confirm what all of us feel. We must act more rapidly and pursue more radical solutions."

Under heading of Happy & Healthy Community Agenda

"...introducing a local "happiness index"...replacing the GDP through "Gross National Happiness."

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